Human growth hormone is like a fountain of youth in a bottle. Injections of this will actually spur growth, improve training and aid recovery. It has been used in the medical world for years to aid and speed the recovery from burns, surgery and more.

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  • Name: Human Growth Hormone (Soma-Tex)
  • Manufacturer: SciLife Biogenics
  • Contains: 10 (vials) x 12iu (4mg) - Total: 120iu / 40MG
  • Bacterial Water also Included

For athletes that are training HGH can help them to maximize their training affects the changing muscle and bone growth, the metabolism of sugar and fat as well as help them improve their recovery times through ongoing training. HGH is very simple to inject and also very safe to use in many different forms of training. It's widely available and can make a huge impact when it comes to pushing your training further than you thought possible. Many athletes even stack HGH alongside anabolic steroids to help them see massive gains, huge increases in power and the ability to push their training to the next level with the fastest recovery time. Aging athletes also like using growth hormone because it can help them feel like they are training again at a young age with less difficulty from arthritis, muscle aches and persisting injuries.